Support the Kassan Foundation

Support the Kassan Foundation

There are many ways to support the Kassan Foundation and its mission to empower artists at critical stages in their creative lives.Each year the Kassan Foundation awards more than 6 thousand dollars to individual artists and musicians through our Fellowship and other programs.

This is our first year of operation and is just the tip of the iceberg, in the works right now is a KF store that will showcase t-shirts designs, prints, music and art from working visual artists and musicians. Proceeds of sales will be split between the artist and the foundation evenly.

What makes the KF different? Well, I’m really trying to streamline this foundation so that there is no overhead so that all of the funds that are donated or earned will be reflected in the growth of the fellowships themselves. Also The staff and board of the KF are all Visual Artists and Musicians and are active in the respective culture and community, we are not career not-for-profit administrators and we work as volunteers only and don’t collect pay checks from these donations. This Foundation is our way of pin pointing funds so that they can have the maximum impact to the career of a deserving and talented visual artist and musician, regardless of age, ethnicity, sex, etc.

We also sponsor art events (exhibitions, demonstrations, lectures) and concerts that help to support, promote, educate, and mentor visual artists and musicians.

The Kassan Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization


You may also mail a check made payable to the “Kassan Foundation” to:

Kassan Foundation
7101 4th ave, Suite B11
Brooklyn, NY 11209