Kassan Foundation Fellowship Application

Kassan Foundation Fellowship Application

VISUAL ARTS | The Kassan Foundation provides financial assistance to underprivileged artists who work in a representational style of painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpting, are in the early or developmental stage of their career, and demonstrate a commitment to making art a lifetime career.

MUSIC | The Kassan Foundation provides financial assistance to underprivileged musicians who work in a singer songwriter style of music, are in the early or developmental stage of their career, and demonstrate a commitment to making music a lifetime career.

This is the third annual year, the 2015 Fellows will receive 5,000 USD each.

deadline for applications is December 31, 2015
shortlist announced: March 30, 2016
fellows announced around:  April 2016

To be eligible for a KF Fellowship, applicants must be residents of the United States of America.

KF Fellowships are chosen based on the dual criterion of work that demonstrates a compelling vision as defined by the assembled panel’s collective opinion as well as need. Materials are reviewed and voted on by the Board and a Guest panelist in elimination rounds which produce a smaller pool for each round. An artist’s advancement is a product of the collective vote of the panel. A single panelist cannot ensure an applicant’s success or failure. Guest Panelist names are kept confidential until the awards are announced. Artists are awarded fellowships at all career levels.

An applicants career point and publication or exhibition history are NOT a criteria for selection. Your resume is only available in later rounds upon the panelists’ request: it is solely a way to give the panelists a context for your work. It will not make or break your application. We offer the option of using a traditional resume format or a biographical short paragraph format.

If you receive the Fellowship, Fellows must first verify their US residency or residency on an Indian Nation within the US. Once a recipient has received notification of their award, they are required to submit documentation verifying their residency for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013. Acceptable documents include tax forms, phone bills, utility bills, bank statements, etc. Each Fellow must submit a final report on the Fellowship year. Most recent tax laws state that Fellowships are taxable income; consult your tax advisor.

If you are having issues with this form, feel free to email your application to kassanfoundation@gmail.com

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